pro passivhausfenster
smart win

smartwin entrance - the new scala for entrance doors in a Passive House

With smartwin entrance a new scale for Passive House entrance door is establshed. A cooperation of TSH (a consortion of German craftsmen guild) and pro Passivhausfenster could share the cost for development and weave the Know How together.

The resultat bribes in the well-known smartwin apperance as well as with unmatched functional values. The Ud-value of the fitted element of 0,52 W/m²K (needed are 0,85 W/m²K)  and the inner surface temperature at the coldest place of the threshold of more than 12,6 degree are usefull for the money box and for the convenience of our customers.

Again a powerful Passive House Component from your local manufacturer. The small innovative craftsman define the scale.

Passivhaus in Frankreich
Bürogebäude Kalchreuth Logitrans
Detail EFH Pittner Kirchröttenbach
Detail EFH Maußner Simmelberg
zert. Passivhaus in Frankreich Rospide
Detail Passivhaus - Pittenhardt
Energieplus Haus - Allgäu