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smartwin - growth and innovation together

The goal in establishing pro Passivhausfenster in December 2010 by PHC Franz Freundorfer, Fa Lorber and Fa Menuiserie Andre was to jointly develop an energy efficient passive house window of the class phA.

After the certification and CE marking of the window system smartwin is produced by local manufacturers of up to 30 employees in size.

Meanwhile, the cooperation has grown to 14 partners.  These partners are active in 10 countries.

The strength of our cooperation is in mutual trust and energetic cooperation.  Alternating annual meetings at one of the partner companies every year to discuss ideas, suggestions, etc.  From this process new solutions are developed.

Revenue from licence fees serve solely to finance further development, testing costs, the purchase of specific tools and the joint market presence.

Through the sharing of testing, certification and development costs, the partners as small businesses comply with all the technical and normative regulations to make these innovative products available to the local market.

Cooperation and commitment in spreading the passive house standard are important criteria in selecting new partners.  Active participation in local passive house networks are seen as pre requisites for successful partners.

Since founding the cooperation the family has grown to 10 products in the class of phA and better smartwin.  The first PHI certified sliding door smartwin sliding and a system for listed historic buildings smartwin historic.  The goal, a class phA+ window was achieved as planned early 2015 on a pilot project making smartwin arctic a reality.  Our new passive house front door smartwin entrance is also manufactured since 2015 and sets completely new standards in energy efficient doors.  Our smartwin compact won the PHI component award in 2014 in the alu-clad window category.  The variant smartwin compact S (S for shading) also won the PHI component award in 2015 by a big margin.

smartwin arctic and smartwin solar are ready for production from the middle of 2016 and for early 2017 we are planning a prototype window with integrated passive house ventilation.

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