pro passivhausfenster
smart win

Benefits for partners

·         Exclusive production licenses for the Smartwin products

·         Technology leader in your respective region

·         Use of all certificates and approvals for the latest construction products regulation

·         Save entry into the production of the products after adequate pilot phase

·         Use of common protection rights

·         Scaled licence fees relative to the size of company

·         Financial benefits through shared developments

·         Participation in the highly reputable pro Passivhausfenster GmbH

·         Use of the full range of professional marketing assets and promotional activities

·         Account to our marketing server with individual desktop

·         Account to our own software phquick with calculation of the economic benefit of our products

·         Permanent participation in training courses, training opportunities and annual meetings

·         Insight into the organization of the partner companies

·         Sharing of investment costs

·         Sharing ability of the smartsoft-software

·         Use of logos, especially the European brand of smartwin

·         Joint homepage

·         Use of the PSI value catalog and its calculations with finite element calculation




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