smartshell - less energy saves more

We are facing a global turning point. Saving energy and using it consciously is more important than ever.

While the use of vehicles or the burden of our meat consumption is already being discussed and partially regulated, there does not jet seem to be enough focus on the huge savings potential in housing. One third of our energy consumption is caused by buildings – during the initial construction as well as in our daily living.

When it comes to new buildings and renovations, many property developers advertise reasonable costs and refer to state subsidies. They talk about energy savings of 20 or 30%, which might seem like a big improvement to the consumer. The fact is, however, that we are technically able to save 80% in energy consumption for new buildings and 90% for renovations. This is why it is important that construction projects are approached holistically.

It might initially seem more reasonable for the wallet to tackle individual elements (wall, roof, window) of the dwelling. Here wrong advice is given in the market. Yes, a house consists of individual walls, roof and windows, but energy efficiency can only be ensured by considering all of the elements as a whole. It is therefore actually cheaper to approach a new building or renovation project with the highest energy standard as a target, so that from day 1 the energy costs are only 10% or 20% of what people are paying normally.

Reduce your heating bill

Partial renovation or full renovation

Modern, simple calculation programmes realistically compare the renovation costs and the energy savings for the building to be renovated. The energy saved exceeds the capital costs of the renovation.

Presentation 27th International Passive House Conference Innsbruck Franz Freundorfer


The video from AK61 “Holistic building renovation with the smartshell Reno”, presented by Franz Freundorfer, offers a deeper insight into this pioneering method.

smartshell - a brillant window needs a brilliant wall as well

After the innovative products of our smartwin family earnd world wide acceptance as pioniering window developments, the window freaks do a further step on the way to energy efficient and economic buildings.

The start up of smartshell familiy is well done with even four wall and building systems certified by Passive House Institute. The names are smartshell timber frame G, smartwin timberframe E, smartshell solid and smartshell reno.

smartwin partners are now able to offer, beside the world wide known smartwin windows, very detailed knowledge about energy and cost efficient wall and building systems.

A close bond between this groups of craftsmen opens unforeseen saving potential. This gets most obvious with the certifiied enerPHit-system smartshell reno.

World wide we are the first that are able to abstain from the window frame and link window sash directely into the smartshell reno wall.


presentation "smartshell reno" Franz Freundorfer from 20th PH-conference