smartwin - the phA rated passive house window for everyone

smartwin is a window which has been designed as a first class, phA rated passive house window at an affordable price.  The aim was to combine an intelligent network (smart), attractive design (art) and energy saving window (win) into one unit.

The smartwin founders developed several versions to make your dreams a reality (smartwin, smartwin sliding, smartin historic, smartwin entrance, smartwin compact, smartwin arctic, smartwin solar).  All versions reach strict criteria for use in passive houses.  Certificates issued by Dr. Wolfgang Feist of the Passivhaus Institute in Darmstadt confirm this.  To get smartwin windows in your house, a network of cooperating companies from different countries was established.  A strong team was born and is now able to collaborage and share their common knowledge.

The materials used for smartwin windows provide not only excellent insulating properties but also have high aesthetic and practical qualities.  Last but not least, these materials are considerate of our environment.


smartwin - less energy saves more!

Passive house windows enhance your life, especially if they are picture perfect.

Do you want to feel comfortable behind your windows, even when it is freezing cold outside? smartwin provides you with the perfect solution.  Optimum separation between heat inside and cold outside – a reduction of heating costs and maximum comfort!  You can relax as increases in energy costs have minimal impact on your costs.  Only quality passive and zero-energy houses allow such feelings.  There is no need for ugly radiators under windows.


Properties of smartwin windows


  • Frames of high-quality wood in a slim profile
  • Surface treatment maintains the attractive wood finish
  • 86mm face width of frame (sides, bottom and top)
  • 110mm face width of transom and mullion
  • Total depth of frame 145mm
  • Identical sightlines of frame and sash
  • Low profile thermally efficient composite threshold on opening and sliding doors


Exterior cladding

  • Weather resistant aluminium cladding
  • Aluminium available in RAL colours or anodized



  • Insulated triple glazing
  • Standard Ug= 0.54W/m2K, g=50%
  • Optionally for higher solar gain Ug=0.63W/m2K, g=62%
  • Argon gas filled triple glazing
  • Swisspacer Ultimate high performance spacer bar
  • Maximum height balcony door up to 2800mm
  • Maximum width single opening window up to 1450mm Maximum height of sliding door up to 2800mm
  • Maximum hight of sliding door up to 2800mm
  • Maximum width of sliding door up to 3300mm
  • CE marked
  • Thermal performance verified by certificates issued by the Passivhaus Institute, Darmstadt