smartwin - three ground-breaking developments

Big approval from Passive House Institut Darmstadt

„In the last three years you brought three ground-breaking developments to the market“, says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Krick, Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt.

smartwin broke the mould: the minimized implementation of the load bearing element through the corner piece. So the insulations layer is now free of unnecessary elements.

smartwin solar - the latest generation of our window family

How can you further improve smartwin and give the end customer even more efficiency and increased comfort?

With a complete new approach with regard to the functional levels of the window, the two window innovators Franz Freundorfer and Sepp Lorber have succeeded in providing for the first time a window which no longer needs a structural-bearing layer in the glass plane. This is achieved by transferring the load through fiber-reinforced corner pieces, which at the same time connect the individual wood parts of the window sash into a fixed unit. This innovation is well known from smartwin arctic and also in use for smartwin solar. 

A synthesis of smartwin arctic sash with an easy wooden frame creates brilliance and financial optimum for cold temperate climate. This result is named smartwin solar.

smartwin solar with a 58 mm narrow window sash will also delight you and at the same time bring even more solar energy into your home.

Like all predecessors of smartwin solar, wood is being used again in the interior as well as aluminum, stainless steel and glass in the outdoor area.

Sash without frame - the main target of the smartshell developments

This innovation simplifies the installation as well as increasing the solar gains, because of bigger glazing area.


Here it needs an excellent teamwork of tradesmen: the window producer (smartwin) and the house building company (smartshell) working in cooperation to master a completely new challenge.

Conference proceedings Franz Freundorfer, Darmstadt, 2016

Three in one go ...

A top window needs an equally top shell.

For a future-oriented refurbishment, a project-related analysis and a clever building with an included window frame are required. With the smartwin phquick software for pre-project planning and the smartshell wall and building system, the craftsmen's cooperative Pro Passive House Window ( has developed an universal concept for the important renovation sector. Using the software, the energetically relevant geometric building data is recorded and fed to the current version of the PHPP. It is particularly advantageous that the PHPP makes since version 9 a comparison of annual cost for different building components.

The development of the wall system smartshell reno emerged from the hand-made passive house window smartwin. In principle, it is a simplified wooden stand construction that is attached to the existing old building wall. An important aspect of the system is the inclusion of the connections between the wall and the window. In the level of the storey ceilings, horizontally attached bars and a few vertical posts attached to them create compartments that are closed to the outside with a special wood fiber board and blown out with cellulose. The punctual fastening of the transoms enables the old building tolerances in the area to be reacted to appropriately. The wood fiber boards can either be plastered or protected against the weather with a casing. Thermal bridge-optimized connections form the transitions to adjacent components such as the base plate and roof.

The old windows get removed when the building system in front of the facade has been fully assembled. This protects the residents from dirt and noise, and the new window sash needs no taping, nor is it exposed to the risk of damage during the construction period. The vertical posts described above act as a window frame as well. After removing the old window and refurbishing the window reveal, the new window sash is only hung in. This procedure simplifies assembly considerably, solves the problematic window-wall junction perfectly and saves investment and operating costs.

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smartshell reno - three in one go

smartwin - less energy saves more

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