smartwin - less energy saves more

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a window family is introducing itself ...

smartwin is the art to make pretty windows.

smartwin was born to open the benefits of Passive House Windows to everybody. Individual hand crafted, an affordable price combined with highest level of design, makes smartwin. 

The target was to generate out of an intelligent frame (smart), an attractive design (art) and an energy efficient window (win) a new product.

The founders of smartwin were designing different models, to bring their vision into reality (smartwin, smartwin-sliding, smartwin-historic, smartwin entrance, smartwin compact, smartwin solar, etc.). All variants comply with the criteria necessary for a Passive House. The performance is confirmed by the certificates of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist from Passivhausinstitut Darmstadt. A worldwide cooperation spreads smartwin to many regions. The strong association and consolidation of knowledge in this strong community of specialists are a powerful motor for further development of smartwin technology. In a smartwin production only selected materials are not only well insulating, but also have a high performance in design, aesthetics and practicability. Using renewable materials allows us the possibility of environment-friendly production!

smartwin - less energy saves more!

Passive House Windows are too expensive!

smartwin certified three times as a system

The newsletter "Certified Passive House Components - 1/2018" demonstrates our technology leadership.

Our proven smartwin is the first window system to receive the coveted new trophy.

-Certificate window system for smartwin  -product info

smartwin entrance is also the first front door to be certified as a door system for the cold climate.

-Certificate door system  -product info

smartwin solar will follow suit in 2022 with certification as a window system.

-Certificate window system for smartwin solar -product info

smartwin wins the Component Award for Windows third time in a row

Three in one go ...

A good window needs an equally good shell. The only thing missing in the renovation is the appropriate ventilation.

For a future-oriented refurbishment, a project-related analysis and a building system are required that meet the interface problem in every respect. With the phquick software for pre-project planning and the smartshell wall and building system, the craftsmen's cooperative pro Passivhausfenster ( has developed a universal concept for the cross-trade renovation of existing buildings. Using this software, the energetically relevant geometric building data are recorded and fed to the current version of the PHPP.

The development of the wall system smartshell reno emerged from the handcrafted passive house window smartwin. In principle, it is a simplified timber frame construction that is attached to the existing old wall. An important aspect of the system is the fusion of the connections between the wall and the window. In the level of the storey ceilings, horizontally attached bars and a few vertical posts attached to them create compartments that are closed to the outside with a special wood fiber board filled with cellulose. The punctual fastening of the transoms compensates the old building tolerances along the exterior surface area. The wood fiber boards can either be plastered or protected against the weather with a casing. Thermal bridge-optimized junctions form the details to adjacent components such as the base plate and roof.

The old windows are only removed when the building system in front of the facade has been fully assembled. This protects the residents from dirt and noise, and the new window sash does not have to be taped, nor is it exposed to the risk of damage during the construction period. The vertical posts described above also act as a window frame. After removing the old window and refurbishing the window reveal, the new window sash is only hung in. This procedure simplifies assembly considerably, solves the problematic window-wall interface outstanding and saves investment and operating costs.

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smartshell reno - three in one go