smartwin solar XL - the heavy duty version for oversized object windows

How to turn smartwin solar into an object window with minor changes, that -despite its extra-narrow face widths- is proven to be suitable for really oversized office windows?

smartwin solar is the improved version of smartwin compact and give the end customer even more efficiency and increased comfort? smartwin solar is the basic of smartwin solar XL.

With a complete new approach with regard to the functional levels of the window, the two window innovators Franz Freundorfer and Sepp Lorber have succeeded in providing for the first time a window which no longer needs a structural-bearing layer in the glass plane. This is achieved by transferring the load through fiber-reinforced corner pieces, which at the same time connect the individual wood parts of the window sash into a fixed unit. This innovation is well known from smartwin arctic and also in use for smartwin solar. 

A synthesis of smartwin arctic sash with an easy wooden frame creates brilliance and financial optimum for cold temperate climate. This result is named smartwin solar.

smartwin solar with a 58 mm narrow window sash will also delight you and at the same time bring even more solar energy iand day light into your object.

Like all predecessors of smartwin solar, wood is being used again in the interior as well as aluminum, stainless steel and glass in the outdoor area.

The smartwin solar XL was launched in spring 2019 by Sepp Lorber at an office building in Graz and uses the 58mm narrow window sash of the smartwin solar. A particularly strong hardware allows the sash height growing up to 3m. Our 3m to 3 m test window with a fixed and an operable part passed all CE suitability exams with definitely amazing values.


The Marti office building in Graz, planned by Baumeister Leitner, was the first project to be equipped with smartwin solar XL.