smartwin - the window revolution

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In December 2009 Mathilde Andre, Sepp Lorber und Franz Freundorfer decided, to put smartwin on the market and in November 2010 the cooperation of pro Passivhausfenster was founded.

We believe, that windows are the heating system of the future and windows have to be ravishingly beautiful.


See below how smartwin was assessed by the Passive House Community.

Extract from the Circular No. 2 of IG Passivhaus Germany (translated from German):

smartwin from pro Passivhausfenster GmbH, Oberaudorf, were awarded a certificate "passive house suitable components: window frame".  smartwin is an innovative, slim frame passive house window with an elegant design. Distinguishing features include the flush-mounted sash internally and it’s all-glass look externally. (rated as ‘A’ under the new criteria for passive house windows) In spite of the excellent thermal properties, smartwin with its sophisticated design can be manufactured at an affordable price by licensed partners of pro Passivhausfenster GmbH, which developed the smartwin window. Small window manufacturing partners with the goal of spreading affordable, high quality and highly efficient passive house windows forming a worldwide cooperation. They are still looking for partners.”


The most cost-efficient windows in the world produced locally.

presentation Window Award 2014 from Dr. Wolfgang Feist with explanations as .pdf