smartwin Japan presents the new window production to the public

"We show our end customers how smartwin windows are manufactured using state-of-the-art machines and yet energy-saving from local wood. Our employees are proud of being able to produce the most sustainable and energy-saving windows in the world in a bright and friendly atmosphere." so Misa and Daiji Sato.

"Technology transfer worldwide is our goal. The climate crisis needs the best possible components for energy-efficient buildings produced in all regions of the globe. This is the only way to successfully implement low costs and long living components of our smartwin products for the benefit of our end customers. The German know-how, which is developed, collected and disseminated at the PHI in Darmstadt is very wellcome in the world. The cooperation with our Japanese window and wooden house builders makes us proud and grateful." says Franz Freundorfer, the managing director of the cooperation.

Extensive tests have shown that the Japanese fir (cryptomeria japonica) is very suitable for smartwin windows.

Video:  End customer video for the visitors of the festival in Kagawa

Video:  Profiling of the wooden parts

Video:  Installation of large glazing as a heating system for the Japanese winter