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smart win
We believe into the beauty of our windows
... and how do we get that?
Your imaginations
... are our motivation!
It's the result that counts
... the art of handicraft directly from your region!
Handicraft has to be enjoyable
... challenge us!

smartwin wins the Component Award for Windows third time in a row

smartwin - less energy saves more

Sunday, 9. August

a window family is introducing itself ...

smartwin is the art to make pretty windows.[more]

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smartwin zweimal als System zertifiziert

Der Newsletter "Zertifizierte Passivhaus-Komponenten – 1 / 2018" stellt unsere Technologieführerschaft unter Beweis.

Unser bewährtes smartwin erhält als erstes Fenstersystem die begehrte neue Trophäe.

Initiates file download-Zertifikat Fenstersystem smartwin         -Produktinformationen

smartwin entrance schafft ebenfalls als erste Haustüre das Zertifikat als Türsystem auf Anhieb für das kalte Klima.

Initiates file download-Zertifikat Türsystem smartwin entrance  -Produktinformationen

smartwin compact - the crafty version

Please rotate the shapely, well insulating component and click on the hotspots to learn more!
Sunday, 9. August

For the second time, smartwin wins by a wide margin the Component Award

91 of 100 possible points for smartwin compact S. Sepp Lorber our partner from Styria participates at the Award.[more]

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